The Springs - Jewels of Florida - MGW Productions

" This excellent and informative 12-minute video covers the basics of a spring and its functions. The videographer visits several major #Florida #springs and provides beautiful images that will make you want to dive right in! Increased pumping and nitrate-nitrogen contamination are degrading our many springs and rivers. We must act now to protect these magical places! "

-Florida Springs Institute

Explore the Springs Like Never Before...

Florida, world renown for more than 650 miles of sandy beaches, is also home to a lesser known natural beauty. Fresh water springs, scattered across the state, provide a valuable natural resource as well as unsurpassed recreational experiences. Come explore these rare jewels and travel to various locations to learn about their history, geography and inhabitants.


Alexander Springs

Blue Springs

Ichetucknee Springs

Juniper Springs

Manatee Springs

Rainbow Springs

Silver Springs

Silver Glen Springs

Behind the Scenes & Production Stills...

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