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We strive to go above, below and beyond to capture riveting and immersive media that captivates and engages human hearts.  

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Above Below Beyond

Documentaries whether short or long are some of the most influential mediums for visual storytelling today.   With the decline of Hollywood blockbusters, indie films and docs are becoming more and more popular.  

Our passion for documentaries and the outdoors has led us to produce two amazing films (at least that's what people say) :).  The Springs: Jewels of Florida (2013) takes you on a journey to explore the beautiful but often overlooked freshwater springs of Florida.  Our second and most recent documentary entitled Wonder of the Blue (2018) explores the enchantment humans bear for the ocean.  It features 6 very different people that include PhDs, surfers, watermen, authors and non-profits.

Wonder of the Blue


Give your product a story

With corporations and companies moving to story branding - a type of marketing where a story is told about a person using the specific product (a story) - it's important to communicate these messages clearly and emotively.   We have worked with clients such as Trinity Fitness, Tank America and many other smaller brands.  Need an interview shot?  A new product tried out?  A video advertising your brand?

Water Soul


Remember the day

So much hype over one day, yet when it ends all you'll have is a memory.  We provide aerial and ground coverage turned into a cinematic edited video for events such as races, fundraisers, competitions, etc.   We have been fortunate to work on events such as An Evening with Tim Tebow, various races and others miscellaneous projects.  Check out more about our aerial services on the aerials page here.


Anyone can record a moment but not every person can immerse you into an emotional story - YOUR STORY

  Do you dream of that cinematic video?  Why not dare to do something different for your engagement... do a themed cinematic engagement video which doubles as a save-the-date wedding trailer.  Enjoy surfing?  Always loved horses?  Just enjoy experiencing the sunset?   Our speciality is creating emotion in the great outdoors which provides a beautiful back drop for any engagement or wedding.  Check out our latest wedding trailer.


Good Stories Demand To Be Told

Our hope is that every piece of media we create affects someone to do something or be something and ministry is at the heart of that.  Having created emotive media for various camps, ministries and churches, our experience adds greatly to the value we bring on any ministry shoot.  Check out our latest surf camp promo in collaboration with Ryan Luth Cinematography for Walking on Water ministries! 

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