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Hi I'm Makayla Wheeler, the owner of MGW Productions, and currently I am pursuing filmmaking, the outdoors and ministry. Creating is one of the keenest pleasures I know and brings me joy everyday.

I got my start in media when I used to horseback ride at the age of 12-13. My friends and I would take our iPods out and capture footage of our adventures - galloping, trailblazing and playing dress ups which then led to short video montages and films. This really ignited my passion for adventure and being able to tell stories.   From there, my passion for filmmaking has grown into a production company where I work on many diverse videos, as well as spear-head my own creative projects.

Every filmmaker and production company out there advertises that "they can tell YOUR story" yet I find myself asking the question:  How can I tell a story in a unique, artful, intellectually-stimulating way that moves people?  The truth is there are a lot of filmmakers that can tell a story, but not everyone does it artfully and emotionally requiring a response by the audience.

One of my favorite accomplishments and recent projects is "Wonder of the Blue" - a documentary about people's love for the ocean.  I completed it in January 2018 and hope to continue promoting conversations about the positive impact the ocean and nature can have on people.

When I'm not shooting video, I enjoy scuba diving, horseback riding, adventuring in the great outdoors and hanging with friends... all with camera still in hand taking at the very least photos.    And even though you'll find me in a lot of adventurous situations, I am still a girl at heart having a love for good design, flowers and fashion.  

I have been sharing my award-winning work with audiences around the globe for the past 10 years.

Published articles

Check out my adventures here in this series called Thrill of the Wild

Have a project?  Need a quote?  Want to collaborate?  Makayla is always down for an adventure.  Reach her through the contact tab of the website!   :)

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